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    RK-Idées (RK-Ideas)
    It is through RK-Idées that Roger Kenner offers his professional services. The RK-Idées site provides more specific details. Access Roger Kenner`s on-line materials through the RK-Idées Moodle site.
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  • I invite you to visit our church website, for which I am webmaster.
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  • Long distance bike rides are my passion.  Though I travel slowly, like the proverbial tortoise I eventually get there, and with lots of time to take pictures
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    I'm Roger Kenner

    Welcome to my personal and professional web page, a portal to those materials and passions of mine which I share with the world at large.

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    The essence of Roger Kenner's career has always been interpreting technology for novices, thus enabling and empowering them to do things for themselves. In the early 1980s, he developed mechanisms allowing teachers to place their training materials onto computers without having to learn any computer programming. As an example, when called upon to work with developers of a prize-winning interactive videodisk, he designed for them an authoring tool whereby they could write the script in their terms, without reference to computer codes. He taught for many years English-as-a-second-language, introduction to computers and computer programming. His background in language teaching rather than technology provided a humanistic approach well-suited to beginners at computers. He went on to teach teachers in a teacher preparation programme how best to integrate computers into their teaching.

    Of late, Roger Kenner has been helping teachers and non-teachers alike best make use of presentation tools, such as Powerpoint; with the extraction and manipulation of data using office tools such as Excel and Word; with web-page creation and maintenence; and with on-line and blended learning environments (Learning Management Systems - LMS) such as WebCT and Moodle.

    Roger Kenner serves as webmaster for a number of charitable and non-profit organizations.


    Roger Kenner
    December, 2017