Some of Roger Kenner's
Bike Rides

I am far from a professional athlete. Yet I still enjoy cycle touring and making long-distance rides. Although I do not ride fast or far -60 to 80km/day is about my average, I have a good time and I get to see a lot.

Below are the Lite versions of some of the accounts I've written about the bike rides I have taken. The original, personal versions of these accounts include much material, photos, maps, website, etc., taken from other people's sources. These have, for the most part, been removed from the copies cited below. In some cases, this may result in strange textual references (Such as: As you can see in the map above...)

These documents were originally written for local, CD-ROM delivery, and so the pictures have not been optimized for Web delivery (While displaying small, the actual file is usually quite large). Hence, it may take some time to download each segment.

Copyright Notice: I hold copyright on my original writings and photographs, which you will find on this site. You are hereby granted a license to make repectful use of the photographs (those that I have taken) for non-commercial purposes, so long as credit to Roger Kenner as photographer and a link to this site is included. Anyone wishing to use any of my photographs for any commercial (against remuneration) purpose, be it profit or non-profit, must contact me for an extended license. .

Bike Rides around Montreal

Rides West & South Rides in the City Core Rides East & North
Bike Rides Taken in 2004 (Not yet filed above)

Bike Rides away from Montreal

1992 Gaspé: Mont-Joli to the town of Gaspé along the North Coast (With Photos)
Montreal to Mont Laurier along the Train du Nord Trail (With Photos)
2000 Montreal to New York City
Text Version With Photos
2001 Montreal to Niagara Falls
Text Version With Photos
2002 Montreal to St. John, NB
Text Version With Photos
2004 Montreal to Quebec/Bas Saint-Laurent/Matapedia Valley (Text & Photos)
Around Lac-Saint-Jean & Back to Montreal (Text & Photos) 

Through Rhode Island to Connecticut (Summary only)
Down the West Coast of Ontario (Summary only )

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