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On Websites

Roger Kenner assists people in the planning and development of their web sites. Creating a web site for the long term is a totally different exercise from building a flashy opening page. There are many tools which can 'automate' the design and creation of very nice looking web pages. Establishing an enduring web presence is another thing altogether. Beyond the initial "Wow!" visitors may express when they first arrive, you want them want to return time and time again. This requires thought and planning as to purpose, layout, navigation and content. People soon tire of fancy, flashy pages and turn to those which are quietly elegant yet are refreshing in offering ease of navigation and interesting, pertinent content.

Traditional Web Sites Designed, Implemented and/or Currently Maintained by Roger Kenner

On Moodle

Roger Kenner was administrator and principle trainer and pedagogical consultant for the Learning Management Systems (LMS) at Concordia University in Montreal for a period of ten years, working first with WebCT and then with Moodle. Moodle is the world's foremost open-source LMS, in use at over 45,000 schools worldwide. Roger Kenner remains closely involved in developments in the LMS world and provides consultation, assistance and training to a number of organizations making use of Moodle for training and education.

Moodle sites designed, implemented and/or currently maintained by Roger Kenner

Historical Examples
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Roger Kenner
November, 2022