Bike Ride - Summer 2002:
Bas St. Laurent & St. Johns River

Roger Kenner
Montreal, Qc,
Canada 2002

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Montreal to St. John, New Brunswick

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It was hard to come up with a fitting sequel to the 11-day Montreal to Niagara Falls ride I had taken the year before. It had been so exciting, however, that I strongly felt the need to repeat the experience. Eastward was the only direction left from Montreal that I had not yet explored by bicycle: I had gone north to Mont Laurier in 1998, south to New York in 2000, and west to Niagara in 2001. The core of my plans was the bike trail from Rivière-du-loup to Edmunston, which I had newly heard about. Then I remembered my promise to myself at Quebec City, in 1990, that I would continue on down the road towards Montmagny and beyond. Once I would reach Edmunston, the descent of the St. John's River to the sea seemed a natural extension of the ride, and would give it about the same scope as my ride of the previous year. The only piece of the puzzle not yet in place, was the Montreal to Quebec City stretch, over which I had ridden in 1990. I did not think I had the extra days to cycle that way again. I was resigned to the hassle of putting my bike on the train when the billboards for the hydrofoil caught my eye. When I checked into this new service, it seemed a natural. All was in place.


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