Bike Ride - Summer 2002:
Bas St. Laurent & St. Johns River
Day Seventeen

Roger Kenner
Montreal, Qc,
Canada 2002

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Montreal to St. John, New Brunswick
Day Sixteen: Around St. Andrew's with Sheryl
Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Morning in St. Andrew's

We awoke at 08:00 and had breakfast once more at the motel restuarant, where I again had the omelette, but this time Sheryl had only oatmeal.

Before leaving town, I wanted to visit the stately Algonquin Hotel. We drove up to its place on the hill, parked, and took a little walkabout.

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St. Andrew - Algonquin Hotel
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Leaving St. Andrew's

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Leaving Saint-Andrews-by-the-Sea
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Then we drove to St. Stephen, less that half an hour away. Along the way we followed the local road up along the St. Croix River. We passed by the island where they had found Champlain's original settlement. (It was on the basis of this settlement's location that the Maine-New Brunswick boundary was set.) Just outside St. Stephen we rejoined the main highway and followed it into St. Stephen.

We had originally planned to cross and return via Maine, but since we had so many plants drying in the car, we decided this would not be wise.

Vignette: St. Croix Island
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Ste. Croix Island
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St. Stephen

As we approached the waterfront, we got caught in the traffic waiting to cross the bridge. Eventually, a few blocks from the bridge, I just parked.

We found a bookstore which we explored for a while. Then we took a walk down the street to the border crossing and back. I turned the car around and drove back (no traffic at all) a few blocks, to the Tourist Information Centre, located in an historic, old train station. Sheryl had wanted to explore a thrift shop near there and I delighted in the chance to walk down to the waterfront and get some photos. I still have time to explored the Centre.

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St. Stephen - map
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Vignette: St. Stephen
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(St. Stephen Tourist Brochure)

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St. Stephen: The Old Train Station


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St. Stephen: The International Bridge
& Head of Navigation on St. Croix River
St. Stephen: St. Croix River
Looking towards International Bridge


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St. Stephen: The St. Croix River at Low Tide


It was turning out to be a very hot day. Once Sheryl was done, we took a break at the air-conditioned Atlantic Superstore located on the road into town, buying some eats for the trip home. We were done and on our way at 12:00.

Heading on Home

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Harvey area
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I headed out of St. Stephen along Highway 3, a shortcut that would cut across the diagonal of the rough corner we had made descending south form Fredericton to St. John and the west to St. Stephen. There was a brief stop at Harvey Junction, where we explored an antique store for an hour or so. A bit north from there, we connected with the Trans-Canada Highway 2, just a bit west of Fredericton. It was a thrill driving along the south side of the river, and looking over to the far side imagining where I had ridden a few days earlier.

Vignette: Harvey
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(Mactaquac Tourist Map)

We made a luncheon stop at the Irving truck stop on the island, just south of Woodstock. It was 15:00 as we enjoyed our lunch of fresh bread and hummus, while sitting at a shady picnic table provided, the sign advised us, through private funds. This was the same truck stop I had spied from the top of the hill while riding from Woodstock to Nackawic.

Click to enlarge (Taken on 2002: Aug 6: Day 17: ~14:15)
The Irving Truck Stop along the St. John River
(Taken on 2002: Aug 6: Day 9: ~14:15)
View of Route 105 on Hill, from Irving Truck Stop
(Taken on the way back)


At 16:00, I passed the familiar motel at Beechwood. It had only taken 8 minutes to drive from the Florenceville Bridge to the motel, a far cry from the hour it had taken me by bicycle!

Around 17:00, I pulled off briefly in Edmundston to gas up. When we crossed back into Quebec, we gained an hour and it was once again only 16:00.

We stopped at Levis for supper at 19:30, finding a familiar Cage aux Sports restaurant. The drive up the St. Lawrence along Highway 20, south of Rivière du Loup, had been spectacular as usual.

We pulled off just past the bridge interchange to get some coffee to go at Tim Hortons, and then we set out on the homeward section of Highway 20. We ran into a heavy thunderstorm on our way home from Quebec City.

We reached home at 23:30. The drive from St. Stephen’s had taken 12 hours. Coming back into town, I filled up with gas and we stopped to buy milk. We sat, then, and had our coffee together in bed to celebrate out trip.


Thursday:We slept in. Finally, we got up and unpacked the car to the living room. Then we drove to Costco and I put in my film. We bought food on our return at the Atwater Market. Our breakfast that day was Oatmeal out on the terrace. Lunch was Hummus and bread. Supper was fish and salad and watermelon. We napped from 16:00 to 18:00.


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