Appendix B:       Table    3.8

     Summary  of  Operational  Classification based on  Cue  and  
     Response Model


              Simple Operations:  Only one discrete operation to perform

                    (Type of Operation:  Final goal of the operation is...)

                    I.   Insertions into model

                    A.     Insertion of cue into model:     C: --> M:[] 

                              1.   3.4       Dacanay   Simple Substitution
                              3.   3.6       Dacanay   Moving Slot Substitution
                              6.   3.9       Dacanay   Transposition Transformation
                              7.   3.10      Dacanay   Expansion Transformation
                              8.   3.11      Dacanay   Expansion Transformation
                              16.  3.21      Rivers    Double Substitution
                              34.  3.40      Robinett  Simple Substitution
                              36.  3.42      Robinett  Moving Slot Substitution

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