Appendix A      Table     3.6

     Typical  Categorizations of Drills and Activities according  
     to Traditional Operational Type:

     DACANAY        (1967, p.107)       a.  substitution
                                        b.  transformation
                                        c.  response
                                        d.  translation

     STACK          (1971, p 140)       a.  replacement           
                                        b.  transformation       
                                        c.  chain transformation 
                                        d.  paired sentence      
                                        e.  fixed increment      
                                        f.  analogy              
                                        g.  question drills      
     STEVICK        (1971, p. 394)      a.  substitution         
                                        b.  transformation       
     COOK           (1972, p. 124)      a.  substitution         
                                        b.  mutation             
                                        c.  repetition           
                                        d.  addition             
     DAKIN          (1973, p. 48)       a.  substitution         
                                        b.  mutation             
                                        c.  transformation       
     RIVERS         (1978, p. 126)      a.  repetition           
     & TEMPERLEY                        b.  substitution         
                                        c.  conversion           
                                        d.  sentence modification
                                        e.  response practice    
                                        f.  translation          
     ROBINETT       (1978, pp.47-55)    a.  imitation            
                                        b.  substitution         
                                        c.  transformation       
                                        d.  response             
                                        e.  translation          

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