Appendix A      Table     3.4

     The  Variable  Environment of Different Drill  Presentation  

                              Oral     Language  Written    CALL          
                              Classroom Lab       Exercise
                              Drill     Drill

     1.  Variation in the
     flow of the drill, 
     based on situation.      Yes       No        No        Yes

     2.  Variation in 
     individual stimuli,
     based on the
     situation.               Yes       No        No        Yes

     3.  Pause for
     reflection is
     possible.                No        Yes       Yes       Yes

     4.  Mediator can
     focus on a single
     student.                 No        No        Yes       Yes

     5.  More than one             
     acceptable response
     can be handled.          Yes       No        No        Yes

     6.  Immediate,
     can be given.            Yes       Yes       Yes       Yes

     7.  Feedback
     related to the
     individual can be
     given                    Yes       No        No        Yes

     a.   For  the  Language Lab column,  assume the learner  is  
     working  with the tape only,  without a teacher  monitoring  
     the interchange.

     b.   For the Written Drill column, assume that the material  
     is NOT programmed instruction and that,  except in the case  
     of point #4, the answer-key is the sole mediator.

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