Appendix B      Table     3.20b

     Operational  Criteria of Drills Exhibiting a Question - Answer  

     1.    This  table should be interpreted with  reference  to  
     section 3.13 of the text.

     2.   The key to the symbols and conventions used in this
     table is found in table 3.17c.
          Presentation        Answer Analysis
          P:   C:   M:        R:        A:             Categories
                                                       Simple Operations
                                                       A.     Insertion of cue into model: 
          PPP  ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    aaa            2.   3.49      Robinett  Meaningful Drill
          PPP  ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    aaa            3.   3.50      Robinett  Communicative Drill
                                                       B. Insertion of secondary element into model 
          ttt  CCF  mmm       {R}=small {a}=vs         54.  3.157     Beile     Contextualisable
                                                       C. Insertion of element triggered by cue
               ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    {a}=vs         11.  3.57      Cook      Contextualised Drill
          PPP  ccc  mmm       {R}=vs    aaa            55.  3.160     Stack     Meaningful Drill (unpatterned)
                                                       IV.  Production of new elements, based on cue
          PPP  ccc            {r}=small {a}=vs         12.  3.58      Cook      Situational Drill
          TTT  ccc(picture)   {R}=small {a}=vs         29.  3.84      Candlin   Implanting Skills:...
                                                       Complex Operations
                                                       Multiple Operations
               ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    aaa            45.  3.101     Dakin     Converse Drill

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