Appendix B      Table     3.17c

     Summary  of  Presentation & Answer Analysis Factors in  the  
     Pedagogical Sample
     (-Less activites characterized as "meaningless") 

     1.   This table summarizes table 3.17

     2.    The symbols and conventions adoped in this table  are  
     the same as in tables 3.9 - 3.13:

     P:        Prompt
     C:        Cue
     M:        Response-model
     R:        Response-set
     A:        Answer-set
     PPP       represents text of prompt
     TTT       represents   text   which   does   not   figure  
               operationally in the activity  
     ccc       represents text of cue
     CCF       represents formalized cue
     MMM       represents universal response-model
     mmm       represents item-specific response-model

     {R}       stands for universal response-set
     {r}       stands for item-specific response-set

     aaa       stands for a single correct response
     {a}       stands for an answer-set of more than one element

     Sets are characterized as:

     =vs       "very small" 
     =inf.     "infinite"

          Presentation        Answer Analysis
          P:   C:   M:        R:        A:             Categories
                                                       Simple Operations
                                                       A.     Insertion of cue into model: 
          PPP  ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    aaa            2.   3.49      Robinett  Meaningful Drill
          PPP  ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    aaa            3.   3.50      Robinett  Communicative Drill
               CCF  mmm       {R}=vs    aaa            5.   3.159     Robinett  Communication Drill
               ccc  mmm       {r}=0     aaa           10.   3.56      Cook      Semi-Contexualised Drill
          TTT  ccc  mmm       {r}=vs    aaa           38.   3.94      Stevick   Meaningful Drill
          TTT  ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    aaa           51.   3.154     Beile     Connected Communicative...
                                                       B. Insertion of secondary element into model 
                    mmm       {r}=large {a}=large      22.  3.76      Candlin   Get Organized:  Concept
          PPP       mmm       {r}=large {a}=large      23.  3.77      Candlin   Get Organized:  Narration
          PPP  CCF  mmm       {r}=small aaa            32.  3.87      Candlin   Implanting Skills: Restoration
          PPP       mmm       {R}=small aaa            35.  3.91      Candlin   Implanting Skills: Gap Text/New Test
               CCF  mmm       {R}=large {a}=small      40.  3.96      Dakin     General Knowledge Drill
          ttt  CCF  mmm       {R}=small {a}=vs         54.  3.157     Beile     Contextualisable
                                                       C. Insertion of element triggered by cue
               ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    {a}=vs         11.  3.57      Cook      Contextualised Drill
               CCF  MMM       {R}=large {a}=small      16.  3.71      Byrne     Meaningful Practice
               ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    {a}=vs         21.  3.75      Byrne     Meaningful Drill
          PPP  CCF  MMM       {R}=vs    aaa            24.  3.78      Candlin   Get Organized:  true/false
          PPP  ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    {a}=vs         27.  3.81      Candlin   Get Organized: Recognition
               ccc  mmm       {r}=vs    aaa            34.  3.90      Candlin   Implanting Skills:  Gap Text
               ccc  mmm       {r}=vs    {a}=vs         39.  3.95      Dakin     Application Drill
               ccc  MMM       {r}=vs    {a}=vs         41.  3.97      Dakin     Collocation Drill
               ccc  MMM       {R}=small {a}=vs         44.  3.100     Dakin     Antonymy Drill
          PPP  ccc  mmm       {R}=vs    aaa            55.  3.160     Stack     Meaningful Drill (unpatterned)
               ccc  MMM       {r}=vs    {a}=vs         56.  3.161     Stack     Meaningful Drill (patterned)
                                                       E.   Free Insertion
                    mmm       {r}=small {a}=small      17.  3.72      Byrne     Open Ended Responses
          PPP       MMM       {R}=large {a}=large      18.  3.73.1    Byrne     Imaginary Situations

                                                       III.   Re-order of model elements
          PPP       MMM       {R}=small aaa            28.  3.82      Candlin   Get Organized:  Word Scramble

          P:   C:   M:        R:        A:             Categories

                                                       IV.  Production of new elements, based on cue
               CCF            {r}=inf.  {a}=inf.       8.   3.53      Paulston  Meaningful Drill
          PPP  ccc            {r}=small {a}=vs         12.  3.58      Cook      Situational Drill
          PPP  CCF                                     25.  3.79      Candlin   Get Organized:  Connecting Exercise
          PPP  CCF            {R}=inf.  {a}=vs         26.  3.80      Candlin   Get Organized:  Multiple Choice
          TTT  ccc(picture)   {R}=small {a}=vs         29.  3.84      Candlin   Implanting Skills:...
               ccc(picture)   {R}=small {a}=vs         31.  3.86      Candlin   Implanting Skills:  Picture Stimulus
          PPP  CCF            {R}=inf.  {a}=inf.       33.  3.89      Candlin   Implanting Skills:  Restoration
          PPP  ccc            {R}=small {a}=vs         36.  3.92      Candlin   Implanting Skills:  Restoration
               CCF            {R}=vs    aaa            48.  3.151     Beile     Isolated Communicative Interchange
          TTT  CCF            {R}=small {a}=small      49.  3.152     Beile     Isolated Communicative...
               ccc            {R}=small {a}=vs         50.  3.153     Beile     Connected Communicative
                                                       Complex Operations
                                                       Multiple Operations
          PPP  CCF  MMM       {R}=vs    {a}=vs         15.  3.70      Byrne     Meaningful Drill
          TTT  CCF  MMM       {R}=inf.  {a1}=inf.      19.  3.73.2    Byrne     Imaginary Situations
          PPP  ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    {a}=vs         20.  3.74      Byrne     Meaningful Drill
          ppp  ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    {a}=vs         30.  3.85      Candlin   Implanting Skills:
                                                                                Memorizing Affective Language
          ppp  ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    aaa            42.  3.98      Dakin     Synonomy Drill
               ccc  MMM       {R}=small {a}=vs         43.  3.99      Dakin     Hyponymy Drill
               ccc  MMM       {R}=vs    aaa            45.  3.101     Dakin     Converse Drill
               ccc  MMM       {r}=large {a}=small      46.  3.102     Dakin     Consequence Drill
                                                       Choice of Template
          PPP  CCF  MMM       {R}=small {a}=vs         14.  3.69      Byrne     Meaningful Practice

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