Appendix A:     Table     3.15

     Various Degrees or Types of "Communicative Activity"

     STEVICK   (1971, p. 30)

                          a.   realistic language use
                          b.   real language use     

     BEILE     (1979, p. 121)

                          a.   isolated communicative
                          b.   isolated communicative in
                                situational context
                          c.   connected communicative
                          d.   connected communicative in
                                situational context.

     CANDLIN   (1981, p. 5)

                          Exercises for ...

                          i.    getting Skills
                          ii.   implanting Skills
                          iii.  developing Skills
                          iv.   using Skills

     PEIPHO    (1981, p. 20)

                          Activities which ...

                          a.    prepare for communication
                          b.    develop communication
                          c.    structure communication
                          d.    simulate communication
                          e.    are inherently communicative 

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