The Effects of the Formal Features of Language Learning            
          Activities on the Selection of Authoring Systems

                            Roger Kenner

           A model of those formal features of language learning  
     activities which affect their realisation as computer-based  
     activities,  through  the  use of an authoring  system,  is  
     inductively constructed.    Three phases of an activity are  
     considered:  The presentation of the activity, the analysis  
     of the learner's response,  and the selection of subsequent  
     items.    The  possible  relationship  between  the  formal  
     features   of  language  learning  activities   and   their  
     pedagogical   effectiveness   is  also  examined   and   no  
     correlation  is  found.   The  sophistication  of  a  given  
     authoring   system  should  not,   therefore,    have   any  
     appreciable  negative  effect on its ability to be used  in  
     the   creation   of  quality   courseware.   The   criteria  
     established  by the model can be used in the  selection  of  
     effective  authoring systems for computer-assisted language  
     learning (CALL) and can serve as a guide to those types  of  
     language  learning activity which can best be presented via  
     the computer. 

Converted from the original Wordstar format and placed in Html package
Roger Kenner, 2006
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