The CALL Interest Section
Community History

Roger Kenner
Montreal, Qc, Canada

The Chairs of CALL-IS

YearConvention Cities/Chair/Co-Chair
1983/1984 Toronto -> Houston
ChairDavid Sanders
Co-chairVance Stevens
1984/1885 Houston -> New York
ChairVance Stevens
Assoc. ChairRoger Kenner
1985/1986 New York -> Anaheim
ChairRoger Kenner
Assoc. ChairMacey Taylor
1986/1987 Anaheim -> Miami
ChairMacey Taylor
Assoc. ChairPeter Lee
1987/1988 Miami -> Chicago
ChairPeter Lee
Assoc ChairKatherine Muhlhausen
1988/1989 Chicago -> San Antonio
ChairKatherine Mulhausen
Assoc. ChairGerald Dalgish
1989/1990 San Antonio -> New York
ChairGerald Dalgish
Assoc ChairClaire Bradin
1990/1991 New York -> San Francisco
ChairClaire Bradin
Assoc ChairDeborah Healey
1991/1992 San Francisco -> Vancouver
ChairDeborah Healey
Assoc. ChairDouglas Coleman
1992/1993 Vancouver -> Atlanta
ChairDouglas Coleman
Assoc. ChairMarianne Phinney
1993/1994 Atlanta -> Baltimore
ChairMarianne Phinney
Assoc ChairElizabeth Hanson-Smith
1994/1995 Baltimore -> Long Beach
ChairElizabeth Hanson-Smith
Assoc. ChairSusan Devers
1995/1996 Long Beach -> Chicago
ChairSusan Devers
Assoc. ChairJeff Magoto
1996/1997 Chicago -> Orlando
ChairJeff Magoto
Assoc ChairCarolyn Heacock
1997/1998 Orlando -> Seattle
ChairCarolyn Heacock
Chair electRon Corio
1998/1999 Seattle -> New York
ChairRon Corio
Chair ElectLeslie Opp-Beckman
1999/2000 New York -> Vancouver
ChairLeslie Opp-Beckman
Chair ElectTom Robb
2000/2001 Vancouver -> St. Louis
ChairTom Robb
Chair ElectElin Melchior

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First Prepared by Roger Kenner
May, 1998
June, 2000