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Ile Bizard

Roger Kenner
Montreal, Qc,
Canada 2003

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Ile Bizard

While I have, on occasion, driven the circumferance of Ile Bizard on the road that loops the island, I've only ridden around the eastern quarter of Ile Bizard a few times. There was a period in the early 1990s when I felt that the West Island - Ile Bizard ferry route to Two Mountains was the fastest. Subsequently, I have taken to riding along Bord de l'Eau in Laval, to reach the same point.

Riding over the new, high bridge from the Island of Montreal, typically along the sidewalk in order to escape the speeding traffic, one has a great view down the river.

Click to Enlarge (Taken on Gouin Ride: Thanksgiving Day - 2003: ~14:15)
Ste. Geneviève: Ile Bizard Bridge from Riverside Park


Click to Enlarge (Taken on Gouin Ride: Thanksgiving Day - 2003: ~14:00)
Ile Bizard Bridge: View Eastward towards Parc de la Rive Boisé
Ile Bizard Bridge: Parc de la Rive Boisé Shore (Closeup)


There is, then, a small commercial area in the tiny town on the Ile Bizard side. A right turn onto the belt road leads one through a rather built-up section of riverside homes along the south side of the island.

Click to Enlarge (Taken on Gouin Ride: Thanksgiving Day - 2003: ~14:00)
Welcome to Ile Bizard Ile Bizard: Boul. Jacques Bizard - Looking Towards Bridge


Click to Enlarge (Taken on 1998 Two Mountains Ride)
Ste. Dorotheé (Laval) to Ile Bizard Ferry

One is never far from the river. As the road curves north at the eastern end, it becomes less built up, but is separated from the water by stands of trees. When one comes out to the water, once again, on the north side, one has almost reached the ferry. The road is once again lined with riverfront homes, and the ferry terminus simply occupies a similar sized lot, nestled in amongst the line of houses.


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Prepared by Roger Kenner
March, Oct, Nov 2003