History of Rides to the South Shore:

Spanning the area between the Mercier and Jacques Cartier Bridges
& East & South

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First Rides:

My first ride anywhere near the South Shore was made in 1974, when I used to sit out on the end of the Mackay Pier. I do not believe I ever rode across the Concorde Bridge to Ile Ste. Helene. (Indeed, this may not have been permitted at the time.)

When, then, was my first true bike ride to the South Shore? I have vague recollections of an early ride across on the sidewalk of the Jacques Cartier Bridge. I had always thought this was sometime in the early 1980s, before I moved west from St. Urbain Street. How I would have returned in this memory is not clear.

My records from 1992 indicate that this might have been the time I was thinking about:

Clearly, then, it sounds like I made a late Spring ride west from the Old Port, and then crossed over the Jacques Cartier bridge as far as Ste. Helene's Island. I would have explored the island and found my way over to Ile Notre Dame and out to the St. Lambert Locks. There I 'discover[ed] [the] South Shore connection', but did not take it. Rather, I retraced my route and crossed over the Concorde Bridge to Citť du Havre and found my way to the Lachine Canal. Perhaps it was at this time that I re-disovered the 'Boat Park' at the end of the Mackay Pier. One thing is clear. If I only 'discovered' the St. Lambert crossing at this time, I could not have taken it earlier. If I crossed the Jacques Cartier Bridge in the 1980s, I must have returned the same way.

More 1992

The 1992 cycling season would greatly increase my knowledge of the bicycle routes of the South Shore. Already in May, I had ridden over the Jacques Cartier Bridge and had explored Ile Ste. Helene and discovered the St. Lambert Crossing and the Concorde Bridge approach to Ile Notre Dame



Bicycle recollections from the mid-Nineties are sketchy, as I was not writing things down and my bookkeeping system did not track personal cash purchases.

More Recent Rides

These rides are each described in detail herein.

Most Likely First (& Subsequent) Times

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