Day 1:
07:00Leave house
07:30Mercier Bridge
07:30-07:40Crossing the Mercier Bridge
07:55Town of Ste. Catherine line
08:00Hwy 15 is 7km sign
08:13Delson town line
08:20St. Francois-Xavier road turn off
08:30Into the country
08:40St. Mathieu town line
09:00St. Mathieu town centre
09:10Sheryl calls as I take break by bridge
09:15On my way
09:20St. Edouard town line
09:25Cut off for Rang des Sloans
09:50Even with St. Edouard town centre
10:00Break at hilltop
10:20Route 221
10:30Stop at Hwy 15 crossing
11:00Rain starts as I head south on Rte 217
11:15Lacolle town line
11:30Even with Lacolle town centre
11:45Rain stops
12:00Sheryl calls. I think I am near border
12:15Chemin Guay
12:40At the border
12:45Stop to call Sheryl
13:00U.S. Hwy 11
13:15 Shopping Centre at Junction of Routes 9 & 11
14:00On my way, South on Route 9
14:25Junction with Route 9B from Rouses Point
14:35Chazy town line
15:00Cell phone on
15:15Sheryl calls as I stop for photo
15:30Beekmantown town line
15:45Wait out storm at "Mi Casa" in Beekmantown
16:10On my way
17:00Arrive at Plattsburgh.
18:00Tent set up, sitting by beach
18:20Sheryl calls.
18:40At Gus's Red Hots for supper
20:30Leave restuarant as it closes
21:45Call Sheryl from tent, just before lights out.
Day 2:
05:10Out of my tent
06:20At Gus's Red Hots for breakfast
07:00On my way
07:15Plattsburgh centre
07:35Cliff Haven
07:45Even with Valcour Island
07:55Stonehenge Sculpture Garden
08:05Down into town of Valcourt
08:30Ausable River Bridge: Start of killer hill
08:40Atop the hill
09:00At Port Kent, turn on cell phone
09:15At Ferry Terminal
10:10Ferry: MS Valcourt
11:10Dock in Burlington, Vermont
12:00Violent storm hits
12:30Rain stops
12:40I am on my way
13:20Hwy 7, South Burlington
13:30Shelbourne line, Sirloin Saloon
13:45 Shelbourne town centre
14:10Charlotte town line
14:30New York ferry road, Route F5
14:45Mount Philo
15:00At 8 miles from Ferrisburg, Sheryl calls.
15:30Ferrisburg line
15:35Ferrisburg centre
15:45Turn off on Route 22A
15:50Enter Vergennes
16:30Addison line
16:50Addison centre, break
17:00On my way
17:30 West Addison
17:50D.A.R. State Park
18:05Setting up tent
19:00At the Bridge Restuarant
21:00Back at the campsite, retire
Day 3:
06:25On my way
06:35At The Bridge restuarant
07:35On my way
07:50Bridport town line
08:00Stop for bridge view
08:05Lake Street
08:30Crown Pt, on Lake Rd.
08:45Shoreham town line, pavement ends
09:00Curve away from Lake, Sheryl calls
09:30Watchpoint Road
09:35Smith Street
09:55Pavement! Hwy 74
10:00Hwy 73
10:50Orwell, on Hwy 22A
11:00On my way
11:25Rutland town line
11:40Cross Rte. 144, 8 miles to Fair Haven
12:00West Haven line. Sheryl phones
12:15-12:25Long, long climb
12:35Summit, Fair Haven line
12:45Fair Haven, lunch
13:35On my way, 9 miles to Whitehall
14:00New York Line
14:15Whitehall line
15:00Check out false motel lead
15:30Find room at Budget Motel, call Sheryl
16:00-17:00Explore Whitehall
17:00Await Sheryl at Motel
17:45Sheryl arrives
18:00Out for dinner, drive-about
21:00Dessert at Macdonald's, retire
Day 4:
06:00At MacDonald's for breakfast
07:00On my way
07:25Ft. Ann town line
07:35Hwy 22 turn off
08:00Ft. Ann centre
08:20Kingsbury line
08:40Kingsbury centre
09:00Hwy 32 crossing
09:15Hudson Falls centre. Call Sheryl
09:20-09:50Lookabout: Hudson River, falls
09:50Ride south thru Hudson
10:05Ft. Edward centre
10:10Crossed Champlain Canal
10:25Five minute break at Hudson view
10:50Even with rapids on Hudson, at gate to canal for boats
11:00Cross over bridge to Ft. Miller island
11:10Back to main road
11:30Hwy 4 crosses Hudson
11:40Saratoga county line
11:45Shuylerville line
11:55Shuylerville centre: Stop for lunch at "50's Diner"
12:45On my way
13:00-13:20Equipment failure, panier falls off
13:55Saratoga Battlefield
14:10Stillwater line
14:20Stillwater centre
14:20-15:00Rideabout: bridge, park, dam, waterfront, store, milkshake
16:30Waterford, get motel
16:30-18:00Rideabout, explore Waterford: waterfront, Erie Canal
18:00Meet Sheryl
18:00-19:30Driveabout: Explore Troy, Ny
19:30Supper at the Colonial Restaurant
Day 5:
06:15At Restaurant in Waterford
07:00On my way
07:50Cross Mohawk River, Cohoes, New York.
08:00Colonie, New York
08:30Beginning of bike path
09:00End of bike path, downtown Albany
09:15At the top of the bridge
09:30Junction with Hwy 9J, clear of Ransselaer
10:00Shodoch line
10:25Caslteton-on-Hudson centre
10:40I-90 Bridge, 5 minute break
11:00Shaddoch Landing, crime scene
11:10Town of Stuyvesant line, cat dies
11:40Big climb out of gorge, Stuyvesant centre
11:55Drop back down
12:30Long, long climb out of Gorge
12:45Meet U.S. Hwy 9, lemonade break, Columbiaville
12:55Long descent to Stockport Creek bridge
13:00-13:10Long climb back up.
13:15Greenport line
13:20-13:50Walmart break
14:00-14:30Lunch break
14:35Town of Hudson
14:50Clear of Hudson
15:00-15:15Long climb
15:20Intersection with Hwy 22 at Rip Van Winkle Bridge
16:00The Trail, Germantown, New York.
16:30Sheryl arrives
17:00Red Hook
17:00-19:00Red Hook to Red Ranch Motel in Catskill
21:00To bed
Day 6:
06:30On our way
08:15On my way at Germantown
08:45Duchess County line
08:50Hwy 78 junction at Tivoli
09:15Bard College
09:20Even with Red Hook
09:35Rhinebeck line/Kingston Bridge
09:55Rhinebeck centre
10:20Even with Staatburg at 2 miles
10:25-10:35Stop at Golf Course
11:05Hyde Park, Vanderbilt mansion
11:15Hyde Park centre
11:30FDR Home, leaving Hyde Park
11:40Poughkeepsie line
12:00Stop for lunch in Poughkeepsie
13:00Clear of Poughkeepsie proper
13:20Bike path ends
13:40Hwy 9D turn off at Wappinger's Falls
13:45Wappinger's Falls centre, the falls
14:15Road stop, 5 min break
14:50Sheryl & Judi catch up to me.
15:00Beacon Hill
15:30Passed Beacon Hill, Sheryl and Judi meet me again
16:00Little Stony Point
16:10Cold Spring Centre
16:30Indian Brook. Sheryl calls, has a room
16:40Garrison, even with West Point
16:50Even with Highland Falls Inn
17:00Water stop, very tired
17:15Bear mountain bridge
17:15-17:30Cross Bridge
18:00Arrive at Motel in Highland Falls.
21:00Crash for the night
Day 7:
07:15On my way
07:35Bear Mountain Bridge
07:55Bike Path around Bear Mountain
08:00Stop to look back. Tidewater marsh.
08:18End of bike path
08:20Back to Hwy 9W
08:40Tomkins Cove
09:00Stony Point
09:45Nyack 5 miles sign
09:50Top of Ridge
10:05Rockland Lake
10:20Top of climb
10:25Upper Nyack
10:50Find bikeway, no longer "lost in Nyack", Thruway crossing
11:20-11:30Sparkill detour
11:50New Jersey line
12:20Crest of the hill
12:30Henry Hudson Drive
13:10Stop at Falls, talk to cyclist
13:25Even with the top of Manhattan
13:45Stop for lunch by River
14:10On my way, 1st skyline view
14:30Under bridge
14:40At bridge entrance
15:00At New York side of bridge
15:00-16:30Wild ride through Manhattan
16:30Battery Park
17:00In the car, and on our way
19:00Reach Long Beach
20:00Out to dinner
23:00Back to bed