History of Rides to
the North Shore, Rawdon
& Lanaudière

Roger Kenner
Montreal, Qc,
Canada 2004

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History of Rides to the North Shore, Rawdon
& Lanaudière

The area to the northeast of Montreal saw my very first out-of-the-city bike ride (I do not count rides to Rosemere.) in 1974. Then I would not return that way for nearly 30 years! In 1990 I rode through on my way to Quebec City. Then, again, there was a long hiatus. It would not be until 2001 that I would finally venture in that direction. Unlike is the case for other directions from Montreal, I have not trouble enumerating each, separate visit to the northeast.

Repentigny was the limit of my eastern ventures during the decade of the Nineties. On one occasion, I zipped over to take a quick look at Charlemagne, but then returned immediately. The Harvey's Restaurant just off the bridge was usually my resting and turn-around point. Once I ventured as far east in Repentigny as the Dunkin' Donuts where I had stopped in 1990.

Each time I made the Bout de l'Ile tour during the Nineties, I tried to locate the corresponding tip of Laval Island, but I was never successful. I long thought it would be interesting to ride around the eastern tip of Laval Island.

I finally made that ride in 2001, discovering not only the eastern tip of Laval, but also the marvellous town of Terrebonne, which I had not visited, even by car, since 1970

It was on an afternoon drive with Sheryl, around 1990, that I first discovered the town of L'Epiphanie, which I afterwards mixed up with L'Assomption. Seeking a new direction, I set off that way in 2003, re-discovering the East-End, Notre-Dame corridor as I went along. Luck would bring me once more to Terrebonne by bike, though since my first 2001 visit I had subsequently been back at least twice by car.

Also in 2003, I got the notion of re-tracing my original 1974 route to Rawdon. Along the way, I crossed Laval for the first time along the Route Verte/CP Corridor. I re-visited Bois-des-Filion and then headed north along Route 335. Much had changed since my first ride 29 years earlier!

I feel this quadrant outside Montreal still has much to discover.

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