Bike Ride - Summer 2004:
Montreal to Quebec
Bas St. Laurent
Matapedia Valley
& New Brunswick

Roger Kenner
Montreal, Qc,
Canada 2006

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Bike Ride - Summer 2004:
Montreal to Quebec/Bas St. Laurent/Matapedia Valley
& New Brunswick

This is the Lite versions of these documents. At this time, only the text version of the account is available. Work will progress on adding the photographs.

This impromptu and eclectic Summer vacation and ride combined a number of different rides and trips into one two-week package. I rode part of the way alone, camping, and then my wife joined me, and we proceeded by B&B. I rode from Montreal to Quebec City via the North Shore. Then, after a days drive to Rivière-du-loup, I rode from there to Sainte-Flavie. Thus, I closed the gap in my rides along the Saint Lawrence. Over the span of 1992 to 2004, I have ridden the entire length of the Saint-Lawrence, from Kingston to Gaspé. We spend a day together touring the famous Métis Gardens of Sainte-Flavie. Then I rode up and over the spine of the Gaspé peninsula, descending the Matapedia Valley to Campbellton, New Brunswick. At Campbellton, we put the bike away and drove to the seaside town of Alma, on the Bay of Fundy.


Prepared by Roger Kenner
January 2006lite-version: June 2006;photos-2007