Along the Lachine Canal
April Visit in 2002

Roger Kenner
Montreal, Qc,
Canada 2002

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Gare St. Henri Spring Visit: 2002

April 26, 2002

[Many items have been suppressed in this Lite Version]

Saturday, April 26, 2002: Photo Visit to Gare St. Henri

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St. Henri Station

From the first time that Sheryl had me stop at the 'Dollar Store' on Notre Dame, I was transfixed by the St. Henri area. I had never noticed before, in all my drives past that area, how clearly the old train station layout stood out. This was clearly an historic corner, the junction of Montreal's first and second railways: The Montreal and Lachine Railway and the Grand Trunk Railway.

So, on this day, I set off with Alex in the early afternoon for a photo-taking outing. I wanted to document, for myself, the area before development erased everything.

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St. Henri Station in 1906

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Chemin de la Station

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Montreal & Lachine Railway right of way: Now a bike path

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The Old Wye

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The Old St. Henri Yards

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Trains Along the Main Line

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Prepared by Roger Kenner
January, March 2003; Lite Version: January, 2004