History of Rides to
Boucherville &
the Lower South Shore

Roger Kenner
Montreal, Qc,
Canada 2004

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My interest was piqued...

From the time I moved to Snowdon, my drives to Boucherville to visit my sister-in-law typically led me along the section of Route 132 that follows the Longueuil shoreline. I used to enjoy the good, clean view of the river that I would be treated to along that way. In the early days, I used to notice the hunter's blinds, built out on the islands. Then, beginning in 1998, I noticed something new. I could see that a park and bike path had been groomed along the shoreline, just below the highway. I longed to explore it.

At about the same time, during my many visits to the Old Port, I began to notice a new player. The passenger and bicycle ferry to Longueuil caught my interest I longed to try it out.

Crossing at Sorel

During my first adult inter-city bike ride, to Quebec City in 1990, I crossed over the St. Lawrence at Sorel, and proceeded directly out of town along Route 132 to the east. It was pouring rain as I rode the ferry and through the city streets. I stopped at a Mike's along the commercial strip heading out of town and had my supper of hot pasta after using their washroom to ring out my wet socks and jeans.

My First Ride along the South Shore

Fast forward to the Spring of 1992, when I was now on my own and cycling was my primary leisure occupation: Every free day with good weather was an occasion to explore something new. It was in this atmosphere that, I made my first trip on the Longueuil ferry, my first ride along the Promenade Réné Levesque bike path, and my first bicyle visit to Boucherville.

Visits to the Boucherville Islands

In the late Spring of 1993, I returned and made my first visits to the Boucherville Islands park, taking the ferry from the end of the Longueuil Bike Path:

It would be many long years before I would venture once more along the Longueuil promenade by bicycle.

It was only in 1999, when Sheryl announced that she would be spending the day at the Boucherville Islands with her herb class, that I decided this would offer a wonderful occasion for a ride, and to surprise her at lunchtime. I had just began, in 1998 and 1999, to document my various rides with photos, and so I wanted some photos of the South Shore bike path. I rode out there on June 12, 1999..

Return to Boucherville & Ride to Sorel

Riding along the Lower South Shore as far as Sorel had long been in my mind as an interesting bike ride possibility. I had made the drive on several occasions and had found it to be very pleasant. So, during the Summer of 2003, as I was searching for destinations for day-long rides, this number came up. I took the very pleasant all-day ride on July 14, 2003, the first Monday of my vacation, and Sheryl was nice enough to come at the end of the day and pick me up. I had occasion on this ride to visit Boucherville by bike once more, after more than ten years!

Most Likely First (& Subsequent) Times

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