Bike Trip to Niagara: Summer 2001

Meals en route

Day 1:
Bfast Whole wheat cereal
Lunch13:15Salmon chunk; Mozarella cheese
Snack16:001/4 whole wheat bread; baba genouj
Snack18:00600ml diet coke
Supper19:30Rest: Super Mario; grilled chicken;
french fries; cole slaw; diet coke; coffee

Day 2:
Bfast06:00?Yoghurt; whole wheat bread
Bfast07:05Coffee; whole wheat toast
Snack10:20Grapes; cheese
Lunch12:00Hummus; whole wheat bread
Snack Apricots; grapes
Supper18:30Chicken grilled w caesar; chickenburger no bun;
salad; coffee

Day 3:
Bfast06:00Yoghurt; whole wheat bread
Bfast07:05Super Omellette & brown toast
Snack10:35Cheese; grapes; apricots
Lunch12:45whole wheat bread & baba genouj
Supper18:00Steak; double Caesar Sald

Day 4:
Bfast07:00Omelette with bacon & vegetables; brown toast
Lunch12:45Cheese slices with an Apple
Snack15:00whole wheat bread & baba genouj
Supper~19:00fish & chips; with salad
Snack21:00cafe au lait

Day 5:
Bfast07:00Big breakfast at Mcd: eggs;
toast; hash brons; coffee
Lunch12:45Cheese & grapes
Supper20:00Lots of pita bread; stuffed red peppers

Day 6
Bfast07:00Eggs; muffins; toast
Lunch12:00Bread & cheese
Snack16:05Grapes; cheese; yoghurt
Supper20:00Liver & Onions; greek salad

Day 7
Bfast07:00Eggs; potatoes; sausage;
whole wheat bread
Snack12:00Apple & apricots
Lunch13:00Cream cheese & crackers
Snack17:00Grapes & cheese
Supper19:30Steak; potato; Caesar salad

Day 8
Bfast07:30Eggs; toast; fruit; coffee
Snack11:00Peach; Cheese; chocalate
Lunch14:00Cheese; grapes; crackers
Supper~19:30Steak; potatoes; Caesar salad

Day 9
Bfast07:30Eggs; sausages; whole wheat toast; coffee
lunch12:00Hummus; apple; grapes; cheese
Supper~20:00Chinese Buffet

Day 10
Bfast07:00Mcd: eggs; hash browns; tast coffee
Snack10:40Grapes; cheese
Lunch12:00Whole wheat wafers; cream cheese
Snack16:00Cheese & grapes
Supper~19:00Club Sandwich; salad
Snack~20:00Frozen yoghurt
Snack~21:00Cafe au lait

Day 11
Bfast07:45Muffins & yoghurt & coffee
Lunch12:00Whole wheat crackers & cream cheese
Snack17:30Coffee, whole wheat bagel
Supper~19:00Roast beef dinner

Roger Kenner
January, 2002