Bike Rides About Town
in 2004

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Roger Kenner
Montreal, Qc,
Canada 2004

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Bicycle Rides About Town in 2004

My 2004 cycling season was a very good one. Thanks are especially due to my understanding wife, Sheryl, who supported me in taking off for day trips lasting the entire day. I covered new territory in 2004 and encountered many new things. The season completely transformed my knowledge of the geography of the South Shore.

Eventually, each of these descriptions will be integrated into their respective topical menus, and the associated 'composite' descriptions will be updated with the new images and information.


  • Discoveries and Updates in 2004
  • New Composite Views

  • Chambly Corridor
  • South Shore Littoral Trail - Part I
  • Over the Jacques-Cartier Bridge
  • A Description of Each Ride

    South Shore Zig-Zag May 23
    Bike Ride to Oka Park June 11
    Bike Ride to Chambly & Down the Richeleu June 24
    Bike Ride to l'Epiphanie (Lite-version in progress) July 20
    Bike Ride to Granby - Magog - Ayer's Cliff
         Day 1: Montreal to Granby (Lite-version in progress)
         Day 2: Granby to Magog (Lite-version in progress)
         Day 3: Magog to Ayer's Cliff (Lite-version in progress)
    July 23-25
    Summer Bike trip to Bas Saint Laurent & Matapedia Valley (Not included here) July 31-Aug 14
    Bike Ride to Valleyfield (Lite-version in progress) Sept 6, 2004


    My Lord Jesus Christ, receive my thanks for his constant companionship, help, guidance, and protection, without which I would never have been able to accomplish what I did.


    Supplementary Materials


    Prepared by Roger Kenner
    March 2005; Lite-version: November 2005